• Parking near to Bratislava airport

How to prepare for a flight in advance?

Air transport allows us to get anywhere in the world, literally in a few hours. However, it has its own specifics. If you are well prepared before your departure, you can still enjoy the rest.

How to prepare a car for the winter

In the months to come, the car gets more than ever. The bad winter, however, does not mean red for your car, especially if you adhere to the rules recommended for this season.

About Bratislava airport

Orientation in the city may not be easy for Bratislava, so we have prepared for you a simple yet more practical guide to help you better orientate itself at the M.R. Štefánik airport itself in Bratislava and also around it.

Why park with us

Are you going for a longer journey? Or do you just need to park your car or service car favorably? Are you looking for a suitable car park near the Bratislava airport? We offer you all this, both professionally and professionally.

How to secure a car for long-term parking

Are you going for a longer business trip or holiday? If you do not want to be wary of your vehicle while you are away, in addition to selecting a monitored and secure car park, check out some tips to help you find your car in a state where it is you left it.

Do you know the most common parking errors?

Little did he get into a situation when he did not want to get out of the car, drop the keys and leave everything like that. In order to avoid having to stress the wheel, we have prepared a brief overview of tips and tips to park as professionals.

Is your car ready for the summer?

In the summer season, each car is exposed to specific loads. How to prepare and do all that needs to be done to reduce the life of the car unnecessarily?